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Get support for medulloblastoma now

Do you know a child or teen (0-18) with medulloblastoma?

Redkite is here to help.

Dealing with a medulloblastoma diagnosis in childhood is difficult. Your cancer journey doesn’t have to be. Redkite is here to offer you financial support, emotional support & counselling, education and music therapy.

What is Redkite?

A lifeline for families facing childhood cancer

Holding it together when your child’s life is in question can feel impossible. Redkite provides the practical, emotional and financial support for families who have a child with cancer aged 18 or under, so you don’t have to face it alone.

Financial Support

We can help pay household bills.

Emotional Support

Talk to us. You set the agenda, you set the pace.

Learning from each other

Hear from others who’ve been where you are now.


We can help connect you to other supports available.

How Redkite can help when your child has medulloblastoma

We’re childhood cancer support specialists. You can talk to us about anything and everything.

Our support is flexible, confidential and free to anyone connected to a child with cancer. You can connect with us whenever and however works best for you, and for as long as you want or need.

There’s nothing like talking to someone… we’re here to listen.

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There is so much to organise and figure out when your child is diagnosed with cancer. But cancer is unpredictable, so all your planning can be thrown out the window in a moment.

We have all sorts of practical help, information and support to help you plan for the long term and stay on top of things when new challenges pop up.

There’s nothing like talking to someone… we’re here to listen.

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The cost of cancer adds up. There’s hospital parking, accommodation and travel if you’re away from home, as well as the extra medical costs, not to mention the cost of taking time off work.

We can work with you to help relieve some of the financial pressure, as well as provide financial support for education for your child, and their brothers or sisters.

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“There is hope. There is a tunnel. just keep going through it.”

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