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Facing cancer can be isolating. People have told us that they sometimes find it helpful to hear from others going through similar experiences, so we facilitate free phone-based support groups for parents, grandparents and other supporters. 

phone-based support groups

Our phone-based support groups or “telegroups” enable you to connect with others in similar situations from the privacy of your own home. Many people tell us that a phone call is more comfortable than a face-to-face group. 

how does a telegroup work?

Groups of up to six people "meet" together on the phone for one hour each week for 6–8 weeks. Two professional Redkite social workers facilitate the discussion, but topics are decided on by the participants.


These groups provide a safe, supportive environment where you can share your experiences and feelings, learn strategies from others and share things you have found helpful.


You can participate from home or even while you’re staying in hospital. There's no charge beyond the cost of a local call and all discussions are confidential. 

upcoming sessions

Expressions of interest being taken
- Four-week phone support group for parents whose child has come off treatment in the last 12 months
-Phone support group session for bereaved grandparents who have lost their grandchild to cancer 6 months or more ago
- Phone support group session for parents whose children are currently on maintenance.


If you're interested in attending, or have some questions, contact our team via the details below. 


TIS National interpreter services 1800 REDKITE (1800 733 548)



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Last updated August 2015.