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Sydney and Meg's triumph on the road


“The doctors came out and told us Sydney had leukaemia. It was tough, really overwhelming, and kind of like a dream. I then had to go into another room at the hospital and tell my daughter she had cancer.”


For Meg’s daughter Sydney (centre), a cancer diagnosis at the beginning of Year 7 was profoundly disruptive. It meant she missed out on making new friends at high school.


Sydney and Meg's triumph

Instead, Sydney spent a year undergoing aggressive intravenous chemotherapy and a further 18 months of maintenance chemotherapy. 


“Because of her age, Sydney knew exactly what was happening and had to come to terms with her own mortality,” says Meg. “My daughter was incredible. She didn’t ask ‘Why me?’ and she barely got upset. It was hard in many ways because her adolescence was put on hold.”


After two and a half years spent totally focused on Sydney’s recovery, Meg collapsed emotionally when treatment finished. She now had the time to grieve for what her daughter had endured. Redkite was a vital source of support providing intensive counselling and financial assistance to help cover essential bills.


“It’s taken a while for things to return to normal, but Sydney is so healthy now,” says Meg. “She’s going well at school, she’s got a career goal and she’s doing normal teenage things with friends.”


After cancer treatment, she and her mum gathered over 70 friends and family to fundraise for Redkite by running the Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival. 


“Now that we have lived through this and we are in a position to give back, it just felt right. It was also a lot of fun!”

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