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how can a social worker help?


Redkite social workers


Social workers help people overcome challenges and improve their wellbeing in times of stress or difficulty. Redkite is the largest non-government funder of professional oncology social work services in children’s hospitals in Australia. We also offer phone, email and face-to-face support from our community social workers who have many years’ experience working with families facing cancer.


Redkite hospital and community social workers can give you and others in your family information, advice and counselling, as well as put you in touch with other support services. They can also help by: 

  • Acting as a bridge between you and your medical team, and gathering the information you need to make decisions.
  • Helping you navigate the healthcare system and making sure you get the right support and care.
  • Linking you with other support organisations in the community that can provide things like financial aid or group support.
  • Helping you negotiate loan repayments with your bank.
  • Arranging meetings with your medical team and family to talk about care and treatment.
  • Helping you prepare for difficult or important conversations with family and friends.
  • Coordinating everything else that may be going on in your life, such as caring for other children or an elderly family member, study commitments, the demands of your job or the challenges of not having one.
  • Supporting you through any changes in close relationships. You can talk with your social worker about emotional and practical challenges, sexuality and intimacy.
  • Helping you re-adjust as treatment finishes. Although this is a time to celebrate, it can also be pretty stressful as there’ll be a lot of new decisions and adjustments to be made.


meet our community-based team


Nicole - General Manager, National Services

General Manager, National Services
Tim - National Manager, Clinical Services

Head of Professional Standards and Practice 
Angela Grant_national_manager_community_support_Redkite

National Manager, Community Support


Senior Social Worker - Hospital Lead

Emmy - Senior Social Worker - Clinical Lead


Senior Social Worker - Clinical Lead




Senior Social Worker - Team Lead

  Jo - Social Worker, Community Based Support



Social Worker

Jonny - Social Worker, Community Based Support



Social Worker 




Social Worker





Intake & Information Officer





Intake & Information Officer



connecting with Redkite’s support services

Your hospital social worker can connect you with Redkite’s support team, who can offer services including:

what if I don’t have a social worker at my hospital?


If there isn’t a social worker on the treating team at your hospital, you can access Redkite’s support team directly by phone or email.

contact us

TIS National interpreter services 1800 REDKITE (1800 733 548)



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Last updated March 2020