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Your organisation and Redkite – a unique partnership


Redkite receives no government funding, so we work closely with corporate and community groups to deliver grassroots services to children and young people and their families who are facing the cancer journey. We value long-term committed relationships that are mutually beneficial and provide opportunities for a range of diverse, innovative and unique partnership models.

The nature of Redkite’s services, our culture and national structure ensures strong engagement from our corporate partners. Organisations choose to partner with and support Redkite because they feel valued, connected and supported.  Staff or members speak of the inspiration and connectedness the relationship brings.

Redkite has a successful track record of growing corporate relationships - bringing passion, creativity and business acumen to the partnership.

A program partnership provides your company valuable opportunities for significant ownership of a vital program and to enjoy the benefits of being one of Redkite’s official program partners. Most importantly, your support will enable Redkite to significantly expand our programs to address urgent needs as identified by families experiencing the childhood cancer journey.


Overview of Redkite national programs for partnership and support


Hospital-based support

Social work: providing vital practical and emotional support

Redkite provides professional support through funding social workers in hospitals to offer real and practical assistance and counselling for families, when they need it the most.

Redkite is the largest non-government funder of paediatric and adolescent oncology social work across Australia, funding 75% of oncology social workers in children’s hospitals.


Music therapy: enabling self-expression and assisting pain management 

Redkite’s Music Therapy program provides children and young people with an enjoyable, supportive and creative environment in which they can express themselves, regain a sense of choice and control of their lives, and have critical areas of growth and development stimulated. Music Therapy also assists in pain management and strengthening a child or young person’s ability to cope with the stress of cancer and its treatment.

Redkite is the largest non-government funder of paediatric and adolescent oncology music therapists across Australia, funding 60% of oncology social workers in children’s hospitals.


Community-based support

Telephone and email counselling, and telegroups: emotional support for families

Redkite’s community-based support services – including email and telephone counselling, and telegroups are available for the whole family, wherever they live across Australia. Families often experience feelings of isolation when returning to their community after treatment and Redkite is there to help them through this emotional journey – every step of the way.

Financial assistance: relieving financial pressure and providing stability

A childhood cancer diagnosis can have a devastating effect on family finances. Often there is a loss of income as a parent has to give up work to be with their sick child. Redkite provides financial assistance in times of need and helps with essential household and living expenses and other payments to ease worry and anxiety and enable attention to be focused on the health and wellbeing of the child.

Education assistance: keeping up with studies and staying connected to friends

Long stays in hospital and prolonged treatment can cause interruptions in a child or young person’s education and study commitments. Redkite can help children and young people keep up with their peers academically and developmentally by providing education-focused grants at this critical time.

To discuss how your organisation can benefit from becoming a Redkite program partner, please email or call us on 1800 REDKITE (1800 733 548).