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Hyundai Help for Kids lightens the load for families


Hyundai Help for Kids partnershipWe're proud to announce our new partnership with Hyundai Help for Kids, which focuses on helping young cancer patients and their families travel between hospital and home, to medical appointments and on other essential trips. A child or young person's cancer can bring considerable financial pressure, and costs associated with travel can add up quickly for many families. A grant provided by Hyundai Help for Kids will help lighten the load by covering some of these expenses.


Hyundai Help for Kids is a collaborative partnership between the 162-strong Hyundai National Dealer Network and Hyundai Motor Company Australia. This partnership provides grants to a range of organisations focused on delivering assistance to children and the families who support them, through sport, culture, education, health, community engagement and social welfare initiatives. To date, Hyundai Help for Kids has raised over $1,268,000 for not-for-profit organisations via 50:50 Hyundai and Hyundai Dealer Network contributions made from every vehicle sold in Australia from 1 January 2014.


Redkite's General Manager of Partnerships & Community, Tania Baker, said that Hyundai's grant would make a real difference to many families facing cancer. "The Hyundai Help for Kids grant of $50,000 will go towards helping to ensure families facing cancer across Australia can get their children to hospital for treatment and be at their children's bedsides when they're in hospital. This grant will provide families with some relief so they can focus on caring for their sick child," she said.


Thank you Hyundai Help for Kids for your generosity in providing this essential support to families facing cancer.