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Trusts & Foundations


We deeply appreciate the commitment of those who fund our work through trusts and foundations:

  • ATS Charitable Foundation
  • Benmark Foundation 
  • Brady Cancer Support Foundation 
  • Channel 7 Telethon Trust
  • Corio Foundation 
  • Denton Family Trust 
  • E B Myer Charity Fund
  • Enid Irwin Charitable Trust
  • Estate of the late Arthur Hatt Cook
  • Estate of the late Margaret Augusta Farrell
  • Estate of the late Patrick Brennan
  • Farrell Family Foundation  
  • Flannery Foundation 
  • G W Vowell Foundation 
  • Golden Stave Foundation
  • Grace and Herbert Foulkes Charitable Trust
  • James N Kirby Foundation
  • Joe White Bequest
  • Johanna Sewell Memorial Fund 
  • J.P. Stratton Trust
  • Keith Mackenzie Will Trust
  • Kinghorn Foundation
  • Lord Mayor's CharitableTrust
  • M Attwood Testamentary Trust
  • The Mabel And Franklyn Barrett Trust
  • Malcolm Trevor Kitching Charitable Trust
  • Marian & E.H. Flack Trust 
  • Massey Charitable Trust
  • Norman, Mavis & Graeme Waters Perpetual Charitable Trust 
  • Ponting Foundation
  • Savannah Foundation
  • Stan Perron Charitable Foundation
  • The Gross Foundation
  • Thyne Reid Foundation

To find out how Redkite's partners and supporters are making a difference, visit our latest news page here.