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Connect Group for Grandparents

We know that being the grandparent of a child with cancer can be a challenging experience. Many tell us about the worries they have for their child and their grandchild. 

This connect group is an informal online catch-up for grandparents where they can meet and talk to other grandparents of children with cancer, share their experiences, discuss challenges and learn strategies that others have found useful.

We welcome all grandparents (official and unofficial) and encourage new attendees to join. If you’d rather turn off your camera and just listen, that’s okay too.

This group is for you if:

  • You are a grandparent (or unofficial grandparent) of a child 0-18 years old who has a cancer diagnosis
  • Your grandchild is currently on treatment or has finished treatment
  • You want to meet and talk with other grandparents having similar challenges and experiences

Event Details

  • Currently TBD
  • Usually held at 2pm (AEDT)
  • Online
  • Anne & Mikaela

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