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Coles raises $20 million for Redkite


September 2016 As of September 2016, Coles has raised an incredible $20 million for Redkite to support children, young people and their families facing cancer across Australia. This outstanding achievement is the result of over three years of charitable support for Redkite which has transformed the level of care Redkite can give families.

Monique Keighery with Coles brand bread


In 2016, it’s expected around 1635 children, teenagers and young adults will be diagnosed with cancer in Australia. Of these, approximately 650 are children aged up to 14, and 985 are between 14–24. Life will be turned upside down for them and their families and they’ll likely face months or even years of treatment. By raising awareness and critical funds, Coles is making a real and meaningful difference to the lives of these young people and their families.


For over three years, Coles team members have dressed as superheroes, whipped up amazing cupcakes, sold and displayed donation cards, asked customers to donate their flybuys, scanned Coles bread and even run, jogged or walked in fun runs or marathons – all in support of Redkite.  


"This ​incredible achievement is the result of a genuine, team-wide commitment to children and young people with cancer. Coles team members are in local communities raising critically needed funds and awareness ​of the support Redkite can provide. The amazing Coles team​ and Coles customers​ ha​ve transformed the level of support we can offer families," Jenni Seton, Redkite CEO.


Redkite has been able to give financial assistance to twice as many families, with Coles covering over 18,000 essential expenses like utility bills, food and fuel to get to the hospital.  


Kim, a mother who accessed Redkite’s support says this type of support has made an incredible difference.



“What the Coles team and customers have achieved for families like mine is inspiring. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.” 


Many families say just having someone to talk to about their experience makes them feel less alone, supported and more confident. Coles support means over 50,000 hours of counselling and support is available in cancer wards across Australia. Social workers are able to meet families where they are at, during some of the most difficult moments as their loved one is being treated in hospital. Before Coles, many families didn't even know Redkite could help - a third of the people who've heard of Redkite in the last three years have heard of us because of Coles.  


“Coles support means that families like mine can be assured that Redkite can be there for us every step of the way, no matter what happens in the future.” – Susanne, parent of a child who had cancer. 


2015 Dare to Dream winner It also means for the first time, Australia's young people have professional help with their education and career during and after cancer. No matter where in Australia they are, young people now have access to the tools they needed to reach work and study goals, thanks to a unique program established through funding from Coles. In two and half years, this program has given over 4000 hours of critically needed support and Redkite and Coles Dare to Dream Scholarships have been awarded in every State, helping young cancer patients or survivors achieve their dreams.  


“After cancer, it's exactly the kind of kick start I needed to help make my lifelong dream become a reality,” says Tristian, Redkite and Coles Dare to Dream 2015 national winner.


After more than three years, and after $20 million, Coles has not only made a significant difference to the type of support Redkite provides, but most importantly to the everyday lives of children, young people and families facing cancer. For more information on the incredible partnership between Coles and Redkite, click here, or contact us or 1800 REDKITE (1800 733 438).



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