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Coles is helping dreams come true


Madison, National Redkite and Coles Dare to Dream Scholarship recipientOctober 2018


Coles is helping Australia’s young cancer patients and survivors catch up and reach their dreams. 


Cancer shouldn’t disadvantage a child or young person for the rest of their lives. Sadly, many will have spent months or years going through treatment, missing school, training, university and TAFE.


Some will face a new set of challenges as a result of their treatment, including fatigue, disabilities or even cognitive and learning difficulties which can have a life-long impact.


Since 2013 Coles has demonstrated their commitment to supporting young people reach their dreams, granting 189 Redkite and Coles Dare to Dream scholarships. 


These scholarships are offered to people living with cancer once a year, giving them the chance to win up to $5000. Many young people seek support to achieve their dreams in sports, study, arts or tools and training to help them pursue their dream job. 


Madison (pictured) received a National Redkite and Coles Dare to Dream scholarship and used it to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer.


“Dancing has been there throughout the negative and positive experiences in my life, and my dream is for this to continue.  It is such an honour to receive the Redkite and Coles Dare to Dream scholarship, which will go towards my university fees. Ultimately this will provide me with an opportunity to audition for a dance company in Australia and achieve my lifelong dream of dancing professionally.”


In 2018, another group of young people like Madison will receive a Redkite and Coles Dare to Dream scholarship to help reach their personal dreams. The 2018 recipients will be announced shortly. 


Thank you Coles! This is yet another way that you’re ensuring young people can reach their dreams impacted by cancer. 


Find out more about how Coles is giving Redkite a helping hand and how you can get involved.