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Workplace giving: JB Hi-Fi lending a Helping Hand


Payroll or workplace giving is one of the most simple and cost-effective ways to give tax-deductible donations to charity. One of Redkite’s amazing workplace giving partners is JB Hi-Fi. Now in its fifth year, the partnership has seen the JB Hi-Fi team generously donate over $500,000 to help support Australian children and young people with cancer and their families.


We recently caught up with JB Hi-Fi’s CEO, Richard Murray, to learn more about the Helping Hands program and how the “culture of giving” has become such a strong part of the JB Hi-Fi team’s corporate DNA.


Redkite: “Being an organisation with a large retail base of staff 'out in the field', how do you encourage staff to get involved?”


Richard Murray: “We have a number of communication channels that we utilise. We send out newsletters to every employee and hang colourful posters in the back rooms of the stores with clear messaging on what a couple of dollars each week can achieve for the charities in our program. Our company intranet has a dedicated Helping Hands page and recently we have implemented Yammer (a private enterprise social network), which we use company-wide – allowing us to connect in real time with all staff.


"Our management team is passionate and committed to Helping Hands. Our managers discuss the program with staff and some have even created their own campaigns to increase participation numbers. Four of our stores have 100% participation!”


Redkite: “How has JB Hi-Fi created such a strong culture of giving?”


RM:  “All our Board and Senior Management team participate in our workplace giving program. They contribute a minimum of 1% of their salaries to the Helping Hands program and this is something we are very proud to tell staff, so they know that we really believe in the program and are all keen participants. Support from the top is fundamental to the success.


"Our program is ingrained into our culture right from the beginning; we include donation forms and information in the induction packs that are given to every staff member when joining JB Hi-Fi. We also proudly match donations made from staff – dollar-for-dollar – which further shows our commitment. Our current participation rate nationally is 53%.” 


Redkite: “What an amazing result having over 50% of your staff signed up to the program. Congratulations! What plans are underway for the future to continue to inspire and engage the team?”


RM: “Excitingly, we are looking at Helping Hand badges for every participant, a great way to acknowledge and thank staff as well as a great conversation starter for other staff and customers. We value feedback from our staff and we are developing a survey to gain input from them on how they want to be updated on the success of the program. Our staff are the reason our program is so successful to date, so it is vital we ask them! We also publish interviews with different team members talking about their personal charitable stories. This helps to communicate the difference staff can make and how it is life changing both for the charities and for the staff themselves.”


Redkite: “What advice would you give to other organisations considering workplace giving?”


RM: “Communicate to staff the goals and reasons why they should participate – what it means for the charity and what it means for them. Thank the staff and keep channels of communication open and frequent. Share stories from your charity partners about the impact of staff donations and the difference they’re making. Communicate authentically from the top and show what $1 a week can achieve – it's simple, effective, and a little bit from everybody makes a huge difference. It’s not about the individual amount; it’s about the collective impact.”


Redkite: “What are the benefits to your business from undertaking workplace giving?”


RM: “As JB Hi-Fi employee and Helping Hands participant Marc recently shared: ‘We can’t help everyone… But everyone can help someone’.


“JB Hi-Fi and our staff like to support those less fortunate than ourselves. Together through Helping Hands, we are making a difference and that serves to enhance our strong culture even further.”


Redkite would like to sincerely thank the JB Hi-Fi team for their continued support of children and young people with cancer. Together, thanks to your ongoing commitment, we are making a very real and impactful difference to the lives of Australian families living with cancer.