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Jesse's legacy



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Jesse was born with a condition which prevented him from ever being able to walk. But it didn’t prevent him from living his short life to the fullest.


He travelled, studied hard and dreamed. He dreamt of one day going to Japan, the US, and the UK. When he was accepted into Monash University to study information technology and Japanese, he came closer to fulfilling his dream. But just two days into his course, he received the devastating diagnosis of inoperable terminal cancer.

Although he had endured many treatments and procedures over the years, Jesse remained positive, hopeful and always looked to the future.


Redkite was able to provide Jesse with a support pack containing essential items at diagnosis including toiletries for unexpected hospital stays and information. A Redkite Social Worker was also available for Jesse and his family during his long hospital stays. Redkite Social Workers are in Australia’s major children’s hospitals providing essential care, information and counselling at the bedside to young patients and their families.

Jesse’s family also accessed Redkite’s financial assistance, there to help families with day to day expenses including fuel, food and accommodation, which can increase during treatment.


As his physical condition deteriorated, Jesse made an extraordinary decision for a young man of 19; he bequested his life savings to four charities that helped him and other young people with cancer. Redkite was one of Jesse’s chosen charities.


Jesse’s legacy will enable Redkite to be there for more children and young people with cancer and their families.


As his father John said in the eulogy to this fine young man, “The wheelchair is gone now Jess, and you are in heaven, not walking but running. Gone from Earth but leaving behind a wonderful legacy that has moved us all”.


– September 2013


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