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Charity partners


Redkite is a member of the Children's Charities Leadership Forum, a group comprising of eight national leading independent not-for-profit charities dedicated to directly helping seriously ill, disabled or disadvantaged children across Australia.

The group exemplifies the collaborative spirit and dedication of non-profit organisations that, despite their separate roles and specific goals, demonstrate a shared vision for a society that values children above all else.

The charity members are:

The role of non-profit organisations in Australia

Non-profit organisations provide crucial services and fill gaps in social need that cannot necessarily be covered by government institutions or corporate entities.
By definition, a non-profit organisation is one where any profits made are used to further the objectives of the organisation rather than distributed to members.
In practise, most non-profit organisations in Australia are engaged in providing social, health, support and cultural services that enrich the lives of people. This includes (but is not limited to) sporting clubs, public museums and libraries, community child care centres, cultural associations and scholarship funds.
Some non-profit organisations receive a certain amount of government funding. Redkite receives no government funding. We rely solely on the generosity of our supporters to fund our services.
To find out more about supporting Redkite, have a look at our fundraising ideas, donate now or learn more about workplace giving.