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Flight Centre makes a difference for young people with cancer


Hollie was just 24 and working for the Flight Centre Travel Group when she was diagnosed with bowel and liver cancer. She was given a five per cent chance of survival. Now cancer-free, Hollie joined other enthusiastic Flight Centre Travel Group staff to help put together vital support packs for teenagers and young people with cancer.


“I hadn’t heard of Redkite until my nurse gave me the support pack,” said Hollie. “When I was sick at home, I would use the Redkite blanket and the diary to put in all of my appointments and important dates. I still use my bag today.”


With 980 teenagers and young adults diagnosed with cancer every year in Australia, the packs are designed to offer age-appropriate information and resources during the devastating time of diagnosis and throughout treatment. The packs are funded by the Flight Centre Travel Group through workplace giving donations, which are generously matched by the company.


The support pack includes practical items such as toiletries, magazines, an information booklet, a water bottle, a reusable coffee cup and a diary. The packs are distributed to hospitals and treatment centres around the country.


“Teenagers and young adults with cancer often find themselves away from patients their own age in the adult hospital system. They can often miss out on age-appropriate support, so Redkite’s support packs ensure they know they are not alone on the cancer journey,” explains Nicole Schleicher, Redkite General Manager National Services.


“Along with our essential emotional, financial and education and career support, the bags are part of our efforts to be there for every child, teenager and young adult with cancer, and their family, who need us.”


The generous support of the Flight Centre Foundation and Flight Centre Travel Group's staff extends well beyond funding of the diagnosis support packs. Flight Centre Travel Group regularly holds creative fundraising events and staff are eligible for one day of paid volunteer work per year, many of whom chose the recent bag pack as their volunteer activity of choice. 


“We’ve always been proud of our long-standing relationship with Redkite and particularly so of the diagnosis support packs initiative,” said Ms Russell, General Manager of the Flight Centre Foundation. 


“We’re playing a small role in helping Redkite connect with teenagers and young adults who otherwise wouldn’t have the age appropriate support they need at a very vulnerable time in their lives. 


If you are a young person with cancer, find out other ways Redkite can help you.