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Volunteer profile: Cheryl


Redkite volunteer CherylAs Cheryl's grandchildren started to get older and she was no longer needed to babysit as much, she decided she wanted to do something for herself. After doing some research, Cheryl started volunteering for Redkite in our Sydney office.  


Cheryl found Redkite through Seek Volunteer. She was looking under the administration area and saw there was work available that would make use of her office skills. She’d not heard of Redkite before, but when she visited our website to do some research she realised it would be a good fit for her. 


The bulk of the work Cheryl does for Redkite is on the database we use to keep track of our volunteers. After this year’s Redkite Corporate Quiz, there was a lot of financial information that had to be put in the database and she helped out with that too.


"It took a little while to learn the database, but now I feel very comfortable," Cheryl says. "And I’m really comfortable around the people because they’re all so very friendly and helpful and I feel quite part of the group now when I come in.”


Cheryl also says that she has a very good working relationship with Jenny, the volunteer manager. “We’ll sit down and we’ll look at a document that she’s perhaps updating… and she’ll take my ideas as to how something should be worded or set out. It’s 'let’s do it together', which is great because that gives me a sense of achievement.”


Cheryl says she’s learned a lot about Redkite throughout her time volunteering, as well as our wonderful corporate partners. Last year, she found out that Flight Centre supported Redkite when she helped the team at Flight Centre pack diagnosis support packs for teenagers and young adults. "I didn’t know Flight Centre was involved with Redkite. I’m travelling next year and I went to Flight Centre to book my flight because I thought if they’re supporting Redkite, I’ll support Flight Centre.”


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