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"Everything I do helps support families": why Chris loves volunteering for Redkite


March 2019 WA office volunteer Chris Choi has been with Redkite for around a year-and-a-half. A one-off opportunity at the Redkite Corporate Quiz during Student Volunteers Week 2017 led him to becoming a regular part of the team in our Perth office. 


His fantastic commitment to Redkite was recognised in National Volunteer Week 2018, where we awarded him with Redkite’s WA Volunteer of the Year Award. 


Recently, Chris shared his experience of volunteering here at Redkite and gave his advice to those considering getting involved…

How did you first get involved with Redkite? 

My first involvement with Redkite was with my university volunteer group, where we assisted with Redkite’s Perth Corporate Quiz in 2017. During the event, guest speakers talked about their fight against childhood cancer and how Redkite has supported them through it. The whole night inspired me to be more involved with helping people in need. I contacted Nicola straight away, the National Volunteer Manager at Redkite, and I’ve been volunteering with Redkite ever since.


What is your role all about?

I assist with a variety of things at the Redkite Perth office. For example, recently I have been involved in finding sponsors for the Redkite Corporate Quiz, sorting out spreadsheets and even just organising the storage room. This frees up time for the office staff to focus directly on helping families and fundraising to finance Redkite’s vital services. Everything I do plays a part in this work. 


What is the best thing about volunteering?

The best thing about volunteering is knowing that the work you do, however small that may be, is helping out families who desperately need the support.


What is the trickiest part about volunteering?

I haven’t come across anything that was particularly tricky during my time at Redkite. If you do run into an issue, there is always someone willing to help.


What would your message be to anyone considering getting involved in volunteering?

If you’re thinking about getting involved, there’s no time to waste! Reach out to local organisations or through your uni, community or workplace volunteering initiatives. It’s really easy to start volunteering and to use your time to support children and families going through tough times.


If you’d like to find out more about Redkite volunteering, please contact Nicola via or check out our volunteer opportunities calendar.