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Satisfaction rating at 97% for Redkite

Redkite satisfaction survey
February 2017 Redkite has just released findings from a national survey of young people with cancer and their families, and health and education professionals. Undertaken every two years, the study measures satisfaction with Redkite services, explores the way services are being used, and helps identify opportunities for improvements.
Key findings include:
  • 97% of both professionals and families were satisfied or very satisfied with Redkite overall
  • 95% of professionals, and 91% of families agreed or strongly agreed that Redkite responded appropriately to their clients' / their needs
  • 82% of families agreed or strongly agreed that they felt more equipped to support their family (after accessing Redkite services)
Information about the groups surveyed and further findings can be found in the full report: Voices of oncology families and their support networks - a Redkite national survey. The findings are resoundingly positive, and the detailed comments provided by participants are being used to drive improvements in service delivery. 
For further information about the report, please contact the Research, Evaluation and Innovation team at or 1800 REDKITE (1800 733 548).