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Red Bag Expressions of Interest

Now Is Your Chance to be Part of Redkite’s Iconic Red Bag Legacy

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A Lifeline For Families Facing Childhood Cancer

Every day in Australia, three families will hear the words: “your child has cancer”. For over 40 years, Redkite has been supporting these families, providing critical non-medical support services throughout their cancer experience.

For many families, a cancer diagnosis is sudden and unexpected. Under pressure, there are many emotions to deal with, a whole new medical language to learn, extra expenses to juggle and new routines to organise. It can be overwhelming and that’s why Redkite exists. While the immediate and ongoing focus is always on medical treatment and survival, Redkite focuses on the practical, emotional and financial support families require in their time of need. One of Redkite’s many support initiatives is the iconic Red Bag Diagnosis Support Pack.

“These bags are so wonderful, I was still almost unable to formulate a sentence when we were handed ours at the start, and my son and I unpacked it piece by piece with amazement. The thought that someone has packed it with their hands to make you feel better in a terrible moment is so comforting … Thank you Redkite.”

Introducing the Red Bag

I will be forever grateful to Redkite for this amazing bag. We travelled 3hrs by ambulance after my son was diagnosed with cancer… I had nothing. Thanks Redkite, you really helped a mother out!

Whether a family lives near the hospital or 100kms away, most have little time to prepare for what might eventuate from a childhood cancer diagnosis. A lengthy stay can begin immediately, spending the first day and nights with nothing more than the clothes they arrived in.

For over 15 years Redkite has been supporting families with its Red Bag, the first tangible form of non-medical support a family receives. The Red Bag is given to the family, at the point of diagnosis, by a Family Wellbeing & Transition Coordinator, Social or Welfare Worker. 

The Red Bag is packed full of essential items that families will need in the first days and weeks of their hospital stay.

Over the years, the contents of the Red Bag have evolved, and families have helped guide what is included and most needed at time of diagnosis. Inside a family will find a soft teddy bear to comfort their child, a big warm blanket, toothbrushes, toiletries, reusable water bottles and coffee cups, a cool bag, food voucher and many other practical items such as a battery pack, activity books and information packs about other Redkite services.

Families tell us that receiving the Red Bag, in their darkest hour, is the first moment they realise they are not alone. The distinctive Red Bag becomes every oncology family’s hospital bag for the long journey and is a symbol of connection and identification for hospital staff and other families undergoing a similar experience.

“Absolutely one of the most useful, and comforting things we have received. It helps us feel connected, knowing we are not alone in this, but supported by a much wider community.

Now is your chance to help.

Over the last 15 years the Red Bag has become a truly essential and iconic source of comfort for families facing childhood cancer across Australia. We now have an exciting opportunity available for a new Sponsor/s to get involved in the Red Bag Program. By partnering with Redkite as Sponsor of the iconic Red Bag, you will be providing each family with a valuable resource full of essential items, at a time when they are least prepared. Sponsorship also brings an engaging corporate volunteering opportunity for your team with involvement in preparing and packing the Red Bag for those families. Most importantly, you will be making a tangible and immediate impact through each and every Red Bag received by a family when they need it most.

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“It was the nicest thing to be given. I love when you walk through a hospital, anyone who knows this bag, just warmly smiles and you know, we both get the pain and the loneliness. This bag is a symbol of unity and community. We are only 14 months into this hell but little things like this, just make you feel part of something bigger. Thank you.”

Impactful support strengthens social connections, reduces isolation and gives families a far greater chance of coping with their immediate challenge.

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