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how you can help families affected by childhood cancer

When a child gets cancer, everyone is affected

No one should have to face their child’s cancer alone. Thanks to you, they won’t have to.

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Find out different ways you can support families facing childhood cancer.

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    Redkite supports families facing childhood cancer

    Every day in Australia, three families are changed forever because of childhood cancer. By supporting Redkite you will be providing a guiding hand when all seems lost, a steady support when the world is spinning around them and a comforting voice when they need someone to talk to.

    For 40 years, we’ve been helping families hold it together when their child has cancer. Redkite is there with real emotional, financial, and practical support for families who have a child with cancer (aged 18 and under). This includes counselling, help with bills, fuel and food, music therapy, support with grief and bereavement and our Red Bag full of practical items and love. Because holding it together when your child’s life is in question can feel impossible.

    How You can help

    Donating to Redkite is easy, and there are many ways to show your support for a child with cancer.  No matter how big or small, you will have a lasting impact and make a difference to families in need.

    Community Fundraising

    There are many fun ways to fundraise for Redkite, either via an existing event such as Crunch4kids or the Sun Up Challenge through Redkite, or create your own such as hosting a bake sale, morning tea with friends, gala event or fun run in your local community.


    Join a community of amazing, big-hearted people who are making a difference. We have many ways to volunteer for Redkite throughout Australia, even if you have one day spare or want to volunteer weekly, we can find an opportunity for you.

    A gift in will

    The decision to leave a gift in your will is a very personal one.  By leaving a gift in your Will to Redkite, you’ll have a lasting impact on the lives of children with cancer and their families.

    Workplace giving

    Workplace giving is a simple but powerful way to support Redkite. It’s easy and one of the most cost-effective donations that you can make through regular contributions, directly from your pay, pre-tax.

    A gift in loving memory

    Donating to Redkite in the memory of someone you love is a positive and lasting way of celebrating their life while helping to raise vital funds to help families who have a child with cancer.

    Want to make a donation?