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Impact of the Red Bag

Across Australia, Redkite provides essential support to children with cancer, and their families and support networks.

It’s vital that when life is turned upside down by a cancer diagnosis, families receive practical support. Once an oncologist has spoken to a family about their child’s cancer diagnosis, a social worker or cancer care coordinator will give them a Redkite Red Bag. The Red Bag has practical items to help them through this stressful early stage.

Family feedback

Redkite recently asked families for their feedback on the Red Bag. A total of 41 families completed a survey which was included in Red Bags distributed to paediatric hospitals across Australia between August 2019 and July 2021. This is what they told us.


felt the Red Bag was useful.


felt Redkite is there to support them.


felt better informed about the cancer experience.


felt less alone.

“When my social worker gave me our Red Bag soon after my son’s cancer diagnosis it felt like somebody really cared about us.”

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