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A guide for grandparents of children affected by childhood cancer

A whole community feels the impact when a child is diagnosed with cancer – for grandparents, a child’s cancer diagnosis is a terrible shock when your world has been turned upside down. Redkite is here for you.

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    We’re here to support families’ greatest supporters… you

    Empowering you

    We have a range of information on our website that can help you better understand and support a family throughout their childhood cancer experience.

    Supporting you

    We help extended family members and friends (adults and children) face the emotional effects of childhood cancer by providing free counselling, social work and more.

    Helping you help them

    Sometimes, it can be hard to ask for help. Redkite’s mobile app, KiteCrew, is a tool you can use to help a family with the day-to-day tasks that are left behind when they’re focused on their child’s care.

    Talk to us

    Our friendly support team are here to answer your questions and help you access any support you may need. You can contact us via phone, email or webchat.