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Why I’m a Redkite fundraiser – Kevin’s story


Kevin – Redkite volunteer


Redkite is privileged to have a network of passionate and dedicated supporters who fundraise in their local communities to support our work with children and young people facing cancer. Every individual has their own personal story on how they came to be part of the Redkite family. 


Fifteen-year-old Kevin not only fundraised for Redkite, he recently joined our Melbourne team to volunteer during his school holidays. He shared with us how he came to be a Redkite fundraiser and why he wanted to broaden his support and volunteer during his summer break.


‘When I was a little boy, I knew close to nothing about diseases. To me, catching a cold was the worst thing that could happen to a person’s body. Of course, as I grew up, I started encountering these alien words like ‘fever’, ‘bacteria’ and ‘virus’. It was frightening to me – the realisation that an illness could be so much deadlier than catching a simple cold. But it wasn’t until I was eight or so that I heard the word ‘cancer’.


‘“Weird”, I thought to myself. “Why was it that cancer was treated so differently than those other illnesses?” The word rang harsh in my ears. What was cancer? It wasn’t until later that I realised just how scary cancer is. The idea of a disease that can be brought on at any moment by a single cell was sinister. After that day, every night, before sleep claimed me, I would think about cancer. All it took was for one cell, in the three trillion in my body, to mutate. Every second seemed like a gamble. Despite the numerous reassurances from my parents, I continued to ask myself “Will I get cancer tomorrow?”


‘Luckily, I never did get cancer. But it did make me wonder about all those other people who did. I wanted there to be a cure, just as there is a cure for other diseases. So, as you could probably imagine, I was more than a bit ecstatic when I learned that my piano teacher held a fundraising concert annually for children stricken with cancer.  And last year, I was given the privilege of being in charge of donating the money. After a bit of research, I decided that Redkite was the best choice.

‘The planning for the concert was lengthy and complex. Almost immediately after one concert finishes, preparations for the next start right away. Everything was taken into consideration, from the venue, to the brand of the piano, to the actual items in the concert. It was a long and arduous process, but it paid off every time. Every concert was a great success, raising over $5000 every year.


‘This year I chose to volunteer at Redkite. It seemed like a chance for me to experience and see how a professional charity operates. It was also a great opportunity for me to make a greater difference and give my support to those with cancer because, as my piano teacher once said: “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” 


Thank you, Kevin, for your passion and for the difference you make to families facing their child’s cancer.