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“Volunteering at Redkite helped my career”: Meet Emelie, a Redkite volunteer


I’m Emelie and I was a Redkite volunteer.


During my degree in Marketing and Public Relations, I decided to give back to a meaningful cause by becoming a volunteer. I’m lucky and privileged to have my health, and I wanted to support my community in a valuable way whilst using my time wisely. 

Emelie, Redkite volunteer


I chose to volunteer at Redkite because supporting children and young people with cancer is very important to me. I heard about Redkite at university and it sounded like a good fit. It turned out to be a great way for me to get real-world experience and develop valuable skills in public relations and marketing. I also got an understanding of how charities operate. 


I found Redkite to be a very innovative and supportive workplace. I got the time and support I needed to develop my professional skills, overcome some insecurities, as well as achieve my personal goals. I felt like my ideas and thoughts were welcomed and I was a valued part of the team. 


Being from Sweden, I didn’t have a large Australian network and I definitely wish I’d started volunteering right when I landed! Volunteering is a great way of getting to know the people and culture of a new place, while doing something good with your time. Redkite introduced me to a group of motivated and interesting people who share my values. 


Another highlight of volunteering at Redkite was being involved in their events. I participated in some great days like City2Surf and the Sydney Swans Red Day. 


Volunteering at Redkite helped my career. I learned about marketing tools and strategies that I could add to my resume and built a network of wonderful and supportive people. During my voluntary position at Redkite, I was offered a dream job in marketing at a healthtech startup called CancerAid. 


I really believe volunteering is something that everybody should do. Volunteering at Redkite is something I’ll remember and be proud of doing for the rest of my life. I’d definitely recommend people to volunteer with Redkite.


To find out more about becoming at Redkite volunteer, click here.