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Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of any medical team, cancer cells sometimes survive treatment and reappear. This is called a relapse.  


If relapse happens, this doesn’t mean the diagnosed child or young person had the wrong treatment, that they did something wrong, or that it’s anyone’s fault. Cancer cells are tough and sometimes they do survive treatment.

further treatment for relapse

Children and young people who have already gone through treatment know how hard it can be, so they may worry whether they can go through it again. 


While it’s often difficult and emotional facing another round of treatment, it may help to remind the child or young person and the people around you that this time, you have experience on your side, and everyone knows how strong they can be. Everyone knows much more than they did before, including what helps day-to-day, and where you go for support. 

support during relapse

Along with your medical team and hospital social worker, the Redkite support team is here for you if you are facing a relapse with information, support, and financial assistance. We can also connect you to other organisations that can help.


Even if you’re just worried about the possibility of a young person relapsing, feel welcome to contact us to talk this through on 1800 REDKITE (1800 733548) or

Last updated September 2015.