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support for loved ones


You may come to terms about the fact that your cancer isn’t curable before your family and friends. You could be watching them struggle or pretend they are fine for your sake, and be worried about how they will cope.


It can be helpful to know that there is support out there for your family and those close to you. Your social worker and palliative care team will have information about the services available near you. Redkite can also offer:

  • Information and support: We can help family and friends feel prepared and assist them in finding reliable information to answer their questions
  • Counselling and group support: We can provide a safe space for people to discuss worries and fears, and connect with others in similar situations
  • Financial support: We can help your family cover the cost of essentials like groceries and bills if you’re under financial pressure

CanTeen and Camp Quality also have programs for siblings of young people with cancer. Livewire is another great resource for 11-20 year olds.

Last updated September 2015.