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someone I loved died from cancer


Brooke at her 14th birthday party

Karl, Olivia and Brooke's story

"Brooke was such a courageous, loving and selfless young lady. She never gave up hope," remembers Karl.

Sally and Conor’s story

Sally and Conor's story

Ten years after her son Conor’s death from liver cancer, Sally reflects on life as a bereaved parent. “You can be happy and sad at the same time.”

Jesse's legacy

Jesse's legacy

Jesse’s legacy will enable Redkite to be there for more children and young people with cancer and their families.
Nicole's Story

Nicole and Jeremiah's story

When her eight-year-old son died from cancer Nicole joined a Redkite Telegroup, a professionally facilitated telephone support group. She says the group helped her be there for her family and says "I know I'm not alone".

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