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Regional council


The Redkite Board of Directors is supported by state-based Regional Councils. Their role is to help build and support Redkite's local service delivery through the strengthening of community profile, networks and the supporter base. They also actively contribute to the achievement of Redkite's fundraising objectives.

New South Wales Regional Council

Ed Singleton (President)

Robert Moran (Vice President)

Richard Cohn

Andrew Finlayson

Mark Gold 

Dan Brandon

Stephen Purcell

Brad Seymour

Rachel Graham

Cameron Judson

Andrew Brewer

Queensland Regional Council

Jonathan Dooley (President)

Lachlan Begg

Michelle Bond

Jason Greenhalgh

Jacob Swan

Suzy Cairney

Ann White

Bronwyn Nicholson

David Skerrett

Mark Woolley

Victorian Regional Council

Duncan Russell (President)

Simon Haddy

Kate Thompson

Phillipa Weekley

Stefan Cross

Tina Berardi-Venko

Ashlee Cirone

Adam Charles

James Palmer

Alanna Mitchel

Western Australia Regional Council

Barbara Di Labio (President)

Karen Fleischer

Andrew Groves

Jennifer Garlick

Sean Helm

Neil Hackett

Elizabeth Macknay

Shannon McMahon

Andree McIntyre

Marianne Phillips