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my child has cancer


Jodi and Trystan's story

Jodi and Trystan's story

Living in regional Tasmania, Jodi's story of her son Trystan's treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) involves long periods away from home.

Simone's story

Simone's story

It started like any other day in our busy household. I had noticed in the week leading up to this day that he had been a bit clumsy and slow when climbing into the car - one day he even fell when trying to get out of the car...

Kate and Margaret's story

Kate and Margaret's story

“We look back and there were heaps of warning bells,” Kate says of her son David’s first symptoms. “But not knowing anything about paediatric cancer, nothing would have sent up a red flag.”


Ryan and Harry's story

“Harry was for all intents and purposes a normal, happy kid,” says Ryan, a father of three. “Then in January 2014 he started having headaches and vomiting.”

Bec's story

Bec and Henry's story

Bec's son Henry was diagnosed with a brain tumour at age 10. This is their story of managing treatment and what life is like today. 

Alan's story

Alan and Brooke's story

Alan's daughter Brooke was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) when she was a baby. This is Alan's story of their experience. 


Michelle and Colbey's story

Colbey’s diagnosis came just a week before Christmas. Michelle talks about the challenges of treatment and the support that was there throughout the journey. 

Tess and Hugh's story

Tess shares the story of her son Hugh's cancer journey and the ways in which Redkite was able to be there for them.


Kim and Colby's story

Colby was told hospital-based treatment would take four weeks. He ended up staying in hospital for nearly two years. Redkite was able to be there with him and his family. 

Debie, Matthew and Kurtis's story

Debie and Matthew share their family's experiences during their eight-year-old son's cancer journey and the impact of Redkite's support.
Nick's family

Nick and Emily's story

Nick will never forget the day his four-year-old daughter Emily was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour. “It was 8.00pm on Monday 16 March, 2009 and the start of our family’s nightmare.”



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