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Lachlan's story


coming to terms with diagnosis

At 20, Lachlan was working towards building his career as an electrician, having fun with his friends, and focusing on enjoying life in Adelaide. But he had also developed a cough that wouldn’t go away and wasn’t responding to anything his GP prescribed. Eventually he was diagnosed Stage IV lung cancer. Here, he talks about the shock of the diagnosis, and how he came to terms with it.


going through treatment

Lachlan's treatment has so far spanned over two years and included chemotherapy, brain surgery to remove metastases, more surgery to remove fluid that built up around his heart, brain radiation, and participation in two clinical trials. Here, he talks about how he managed each of these, and how his path led him to study naturopathy.


things Lachlan found helpful

Setting goals was one of the things Lachlan found helpful throughout his treatment. Here, he talks about how he worked towards these goals, and why he decided to raise money to support Redkite.



- September 2015


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