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Josh's story


Josh is 16 and lives just outside Adelaide. Cancer brought both physical and emotional challenges for Josh, and he drew on the support of his family as well as Redkite and other cancer support groups. This is his story.

diagnosis and treatment

Josh talks about the stress of diagnosis, the way chemotherapy affected him and the challenges of going through treatment in a children’s hospital. “There wasn’t really anyone else my age. That made me feel a little bit isolated,” he explains.


supporters and challenges

Josh explains how each member of his family stepped in to support him and talks about the shock of emotions he wasn’t used to. “That was where certain counsellors were really, really helpful,” he says.


managing school and Dare to Dream

“I certainly wasn’t myself when I started going back to school,” Josh says. Here he talks about how a Redkite education grant helped him stay on track and shares how winning a Dare to Dream scholarship helped him achieve one of his life-long goals.



- June 2015


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