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Jodi and Trystan's story


diagnosis and treatment

Living in regional Tasmania, Jodi's story of her son Trystan's treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) involves long periods away from home, separated from her four other children. "To hear those words for your three year old son absolutely heartbreaking – it still is," Jodi says of the moment of diagnosis.



support from Redkite

"There are a lot of extra expenses that you just don’t even think about," Jodi explains. "Hospitals are a very expensive place, particularly when you're in there for a long time." Here, Jodi talks about how Redkite was able to support her.  


finishing treatment

Jodi says the end of treatment came with its own challenges and a realisation that things had changed. "Even after treatment is finished, it won’t ever be over," Jodi explains. "It doesn’t happen like that. I don’t think life will ever, ever be normal again."



how cancer changed things

Jodi says cancer has taught her about her own strengths and how to avoid dwelling on negative possibilities. "Just keep it to one day at a time," she says. "Be happy with how today is going and worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes."



"There’s hope," Jodi says in summing up. "There is a tunnel, just keep going through it. Keep going through it." 


– October 2015


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