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Bruce and Blaire's story



Blaire was 20 when she and Bruce got married. Six months later, Bruce was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Suddenly, all their plans were put on hold. Instead of saving for their first home or starting a family, they were confronted with long months in hospital, seven surgeries in six weeks, six months of  chemotherapy and a long and difficult recovery on returning home.


They live in a little town in Western Australia about three hours’ drive from Perth, where Bruce was admitted to hospital. Blaire relocated to Perth to be with him. With both of them forced to leave their jobs and with their expenses piling up, they turned to Redkite for financial assistance. 


They were newlyweds with their whole life ahead of them, but this diagnosis really set them back. It has been a hard road for Bruce and Blaire but with friends, family and Redkite to support them, they have been able to navigate the way.


meet Bruce and Blaire 



 – May 2014