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Alan and Brooke's story



Alan talks about how he felt when his baby daughter Brooke was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL), and what those first few hours involved.


"She was a perfect baby up until then," Alan says. "Brooke was the first child in her age group with ALL at our hospital in four and a half years."


going through treatment

Brooke's treatment involved many difficult periods and a number of complications, including difficulties with her heart. "We went for the ride, and went through ups and downs," Alan says.


"Two weeks before she finished treatment, which was July of the following year, I was diagnosed with cancer," Alan adds. "So I know what it’s like to be both a patient and a carer. But Brooke showed me the way and touch wood we both got through it."


support from Redkite

Even though Alan’s story took place when Redkite was a relatively small organisation, he still credits his Redkite social worker with being a vital support throughout Brooke’s experience.


"It's never plain sailing; it doesn’t always go to plan," Alan explains. "You really want to focus on your child, and our social worker helped with the little things."



Since this experience Alan has been involved with Redkite as part of our regional council, and by raising funds in his local community.


“Unfortunately, there are going to be four families tomorrow that will find out their child has cancer,” Alan says. “Having been through it, and having seen the work that Redkite does, I want to make sure each of those four families has someone that puts their arm around them and says, ‘We’re going to help you through this.’”


- September 2015


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