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Camp Quality Parent Group collaboration


In 2013, Redkite and Camp Quality joined forces to roll out a unique support program – Parent Groups at Camp Quality Family Camps. Facilitated by Redkite Social Workers, these groups enabled parents supported by Camp Quality to share their experiences and ideas on managing the cancer journey face-to-face. 


The first Parent Group was piloted at a Camp Quality camp for bereaved parents in November 2012, and a further nine groups for parents with a child living with cancer were held in 2013. A comprehensive evaluation of the pilot found strong evidence that the group was beneficial for parents. Key benefits were that parents felt “heard”, felt “less alone”, and recognised that their feelings and experiences were normal. They also left the group feeling more connected to one another. 


Following the evaluation, Redkite and Camp Quality agreed to continue holding these important groups across Australia in 2014. The reach has been broadened so families are not disadvantaged by their location, and a group held in Darwin at the end of June marked Redkite’s first visit to the Northern Territory.


Parent Groups have been held in South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory so far this year, with groups planned for Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory for the second half of the year.