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For media enquiries please contact us at or (02) 9219 4000.

support group for bereaved parents

free support group for bereaved parents

January 2015 Starting in mid-February, we're offering a free phone-based support group that provides a chance for bereaved parents to share experiences, feelings and coping strategies.

ICAP Charity Day

Redkite joins trading at ICAP Charity Day

December 2014 We were honoured to be one of the featured charities at the ICAP Charity Day in Sydney, where Redkite Ambassadors helped ICAP brokers to trade, close deals and execute transactions worth millions.

Redkite at Tropfest

TV advertisement shown at Tropfest film festival

December 2014 We were so proud to have been involved in the Tropfest and Trop Jr events at the beginning of December, where our new television advertisement was shown in between the entries of the talented filmmakers.

make a video celebrating your family

November 2014 You can make a personalised Family Flashback video to celebrate your loved ones and spread the word about Redkite. Select photos of your family and we will create a video for you to share with them.

Redkite Ambassador in Women's Weekly magazine

November 2014 Redkite Ambassador Susanne Latimore appears in the Christmas issue of the Australian Women's Weekly, to promote the Fly the Redkite campaign and share the lessons she learned during her son's cancer journey. 

Redkite Corporate Quiz

Corporate Quiz events raise over $1 million

November 2014 We're thrilled to announce that the 2014 Redkite Corporate Quiz events in Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales raised over $1 million in support of children and young people with cancer

Fly the Redkite video

watch and share our new campaign video

October 2014 To spread the word about our support for families facing cancer, we have created a new video about the importance of family. Visit this page to watch and share our video so families know we're here for them.

Fly the Redkite campaign

help us Fly the Redkite for families

October 2014 There are too many families on the cancer journey who don't know about Redkite's support. Help us spread the word by sharing our video or creating your own Family Flashback. 

support for families

Redkite is here for all families

October 2014 At Redkite, we support all kinds of families. No matter what family means to you, we’re here with essential support throughout the cancer journey.

satisfaction with phone and email support

October 2014 We recently conducted a survey with families who have accessed our phone and email support service in the past 12 months and found 96% of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the service. 

Dare to Dream Scholarship recipients 

October 2014 We received so many incredible entries for the Dare to Dream Scholarship Program and were inspired by the ambition and talent of each entrant. We're pleased to announce the National Scholarship recipient here. 

Coles raises $10 million for Redkite

October 2014 We are delighted to announce that since Australia Day 2013, Coles has raised an incredible $10 million to help provide essential support to children and young people with cancer. 

Include a Charity Week

September 2014 We're joining 140 other charities as part of Include a Charity Week to acknowledge the importance of bequests to help charities continue their work.

meet Amy, education and career consultant

August 2014 Amy worked as a teacher before joining Redkite as an Education and Career Support Consultant. She works with young people who have or had cancer, to help them achieve their work and study goals.  

breakdown of education grants

July 2014 Our education grants are available to help young people (up to 24) with cancer achieve their work and study goals, by assisting with expenses like course fees and equipment.

Myer Stores Community Fund Precious Metal Ball

June 2014 For the second year, Redkite was honoured to be the chosen charity for the prestigious annual event held in Melbourne, which raised an incredible $250,000 for families facing cancer.


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