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Cancer Advisor information website is up and running

Cancer Advisor information website is up and running

February 2018 At the end of last year, the new information website Cancer Advisor (powered by Redkite) celebrated a successful ‘soft launch’. The online platform was created so parents of children with cancer, and young people who have (or have had) cancer, could quickly and easily get reliable information.

Adrian's finds strength in Tough Mudder

Adrian finds strength through adversity


February 2018 Treatment made Adrian sick and I his fear of needles made getting better really tough. After rehabilitation, Adrian decided to take on the Tough Mudder challenge to see what his body could achieve after cancer.

Sydney and Meg's triumph

Sydney and Meg's triumph on the road

February 2018 “The doctors came out and told us Sydney had leukaemia. It was tough, really overwhelming, and kind of like a dream. I then had to go into another room at the hospital and tell my daughter she had cancer.”


For Meg’s daughter Sydney, a cancer diagnosis at the beginning of Year 7 was profoundly disruptive. It meant she missed out on making new friends at high school.

Emily's Physical Challenge

Emily's big achievement 

February 2018 Being declared cancer-free was an amazing moment – yet for Emily, who had always been a fit and healthy person, her confidence in her body and health was shattered. So, just nine months out of treatment she decided to push her limits by entering the 16km Tough Mudder endurance event to raise funds for Redkite. 

Celebrating 5 years of partnership with Coles

Celebrating 5 years of partnership with Coles

January 2018 On 26 January 2018 we celebrate five years of incredible partnership with Coles. Collectively, Coles team members and customers have raised an amazing $28 million!
run the New York Marathon in support of kids with cancer

Run the New York Marathon, support children and young people with cancer

January 2018 Tick an item off your bucket list and run the 2018 New York City Marathon while supporting children and young people with cancer. Redkite has four rare, guaranteed-entry packages available, courtesy of Flight Centre.

Coles raise record amount for kids facing cancer at Christmas

Coles raise record amount for kids facing cancer at Christmas

January 2018 This past Christmas, Coles customers and team members raised a recording-breaking $1.6 million for children and young people with cancer, and the families who support them. 

Jenni Seton and Monique Keighery

Redkite farewells CEO Jenni Seton, welcomes Monique Keighery to the role

December 2017 This week we're farewelling Redkite's much-loved CEO Jenni Seton. After 20 years leading the organisation in support of young people with cancer and their families, Jenni has decided it is time to start a new chapter in her life. We're also delighted to announce Monique Keighery as our incoming CEO.



Young person at study

"Well what now?"Supporting young people with education and career choices

December 2017 Luke Wade is an Education and Career Specialist at Redkite's Brisbane office. He works with 15-24 year olds who've had a cancer diagnosis at any age, to help them identify and achieve their work and study goals. 

support through Christmas

Tips on how to get through Christmas

December 2017 The Christmas season has different meanings for different people. For some, it's a time of special significance and celebration. For others, it can be a particularly challenging time of year. Below are some suggestions on ways to manage this time of year. We hope some of these ideas may be useful to you.

Redkite events this Christmas

Redkite events this Christmas

December 2017 Redkite supporters are amazing. All across Australia, they go above and beyond, especially at Christmas. Looking for an excuse to go on a road trip? Check out this list of fundraisers events that Redkiters are organising around the country this Christmas.

Give well at Country Road this Christmas

Give well at Country Road this Christmas

December 2017 Our generous partner Country Road is offering gift wrapping for a $2 donation this Christmas - that’ll take the stress out of your shopping!


Why Wes loves volunteering at Redkite

Why Wes loves volunteering at Redkite

December 2017 "As I raise funds for Redkite, I also learn how many families benefit. And it’s a truly special experience knowing how many families my volunteering impacts." - Wes Thomson on why he enjoys volunteering with Redkite.


Jordan scar after operation

Support young people like Jordan this Christmas

November 2017 "Nine years ago, my youngest, Jordan, was in Year 6. He couldn’t wait to begin high school. But his dreams had to change dramatically when, one school night, he started screaming in pain and vomiting. We rushed Jordan to the hospital, where he fell into a coma. Jordan had been carrying around a brain tumour. That night, it ruptured, causing a catastrophic stroke." - Andrew, Jordan's Dad


Gerry donation card


The famous Coles and Redkite donation cards are back!

November 2017 From now until Boxing Day, you can purchase a $2 Redkite donation card at Coles supermarkets across Australia and show you support for children and young people with cancer. 

Nicola Monk at the Redkite Corporate Quiz

“I have the best job at Redkite”: Meet Nicola Monk, our National Volunteer Coordinator

November 2017 To celebrate International Volunteer Managers Day this year, we interviewed Nicola Monk, our National Volunteer Coordinator. Nicola joined Redkite last year, but has been volunteering and managing volunteers for many years, and loves her job as much as when she started! 


Stockland Foundation Fortnight

Stockland Foundation Fortnight supporting 50 families

November 2017 The Stockland Foundation Fortnight was a great success this year, raising $125,000 and building much-needed awareness for the support Redkite provides children and young people with cancer. 


Support children like Zoe this Christmas

Support children like Zoe this Christmas

November 2017 "Five years ago, I remember buying a Redkite Christmas card at my local supermarket. My little daughters Zoe and Holly loved it, and we pinned it up beside the other cards. Childhood cancer seemed thankfully so very far away from our life. But one morning, less than two months later, this changed." - Sam, Zoe's Mum 

Josh Helm mucking around with dad Sean by the pool

This is how Sean Helm pays tribute to his son Josh

October 2017 On Sunday 5 November, Sean Helm is running the New York City Marathon in memory of his son, Josh. Josh’s sister Ashleigh and mum Michelle will be with Sean in New York. Together, they are JAMS, and will always be together. The race takes place on Josh’s birthday so we’re remembering him in this photo series. 




New resource: Thinking Ahead - your guide to school, study and work

October 2017 Cancer and treatment can have a serious impact on education and career plans. Thinking Ahead is a new ebook which aims to help teenagers and young adults look at their choices in re-engaging in work or study, during or after cancer treatment.


Hayley and Kirstin with Coles Redkite bags crop

Coles Customers helping kids with cancer, every day

September 2017 As customers go about their weekly shop, they can add ‘helping kids with cancer’ to the top of their shopping list. Customers can help Redkite support families facing cancer at the checkout in these 3 simple ways.


$15 million raised for Redkite through Coles bread

$15 million raised for Redkite through Coles bread

September 2017 The incredible partnership between Coles and Redkite recently reached new heights, celebrating $15 million raised from the specially marked Coles Brand, Coles High Top and Coles Smart Buy bread. 


 Include A Charity Week 11-17 September 2017

Include a charity in your Will and leave a lasting legacy

September 2017 Imagine a world without your favourite charities and all of the good work that they do. Include A Charity Week highlights the enduring impact that leaving a gift to charity in your Will can have on future generations.


Anthony and Jenni Flight Centre diagnosis support pack

'You're not alone': Diagnosis Support Packs when young people need it most

September 2017 Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be particularly daunting for young people aged 15-24. They often feel isolated in adult hospitals with few other patients their age. The Redkite Diagnosis Support Pack shows them that they are not alone.


Santiago City2Surf

Santiago's City2Surf mission

August 2017 Redkite volunteer Santiago is one of the many Sydneysiders who will be running the City2Surf for Redkite this Sunday. Learn more about his motivations and how you can support Redkite's runners.


2017 National Dare to Dream recipient Madison

2017 Redkite and Coles Dare to Dream Scholarships now open

July 2017 Applications for this year's Redkite and Coles Dare to Dream Scholarships are now open. If you're under 25 and have been diagnosed at any age, you could receive up to $5000 to help you follow your dream. 


Buddy wants you

Help us turn the SCG red this Saturday

July 2017  We're joining with the amazing Sydney Swans this weekend for the second #SwansRedDay. Find out how you can get involved!


Education and career support

Staples backs Education and Career Support Program

June 2017 Staples will generously support programs providing education and career support to children and young people diagnosed with cancer. 

Natanya Education and Career Specialist


Meet the team: Natanya Bradley, Education and Career Support Specialist

June 2017 Natanya talks about a typical day in the life of an ECS Specialist, how she got involved, and the highlight of her time with Redkite to date. 



Workplace giving 

Learn more about Workplace Giving this June

May 2017   This Workplace Giving Month we're thanking the many Australian workers who make regular contributions from their pay packets to support children and young people with cancer.


Counselling for siblings


Counselling for siblings

May 2017 Redkite Social Worker Sasha talks about the benefits of face-to-face counselling sessions and support for siblings of children and young people diagnosed with cancer.

David was diagnosed at 3 with leukaemia

Support children like David this tax-time

May 2017 When Kate and her husband Steve were told their three year old son David had leukaemia, it was like "a bomb goes off in your life and nothing is quite the same again."

 Redkite and Coles Messages of Kindness

Coles sharing messages of kindness for kids with cancer

May 2017 The Redkite and Coles Messages of Kindness campaign launches today, Wednesday 10 May until Tuesday 23rd May.

 Redkite Tulip Time bulb planting

Redkite honoured to be the 2017 Tulip Time charity partner

May 2017  Redkite Ambassador Susie Latimore and Kiteman joined the people of Bowral at the festival's planting ceremony in Corbett Gardens this month.


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