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New research reveals the cost of cancer impacting Australian families


When Magnus was diagnosed with leukaemia when he was 12. A persistent cold turned out to be something far more sinister and his parents, Christine and Michael, had no idea what lay ahead for them and their son, or the unexpected emotional and financial toll it would take. 


Christine and Magnus


The Urban family’s story is similar to that of hundreds of families around the country who struggle to manage the financial burden that comes with their child’s cancer diagnosis.


In 2018, we surveyed 471 families who had received Redkite financial assistance. The survey found almost half could not afford large, unexpected expenses. One third of families (33 per cent) could not afford their car registration, while 38 per cent could not pay gas, power or phone bills. More than half of families (52 per cent) had to give up work to be with their child after the diagnosis.


In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Redkite CEO, Monique Keighery said: “There’s a hidden cost of cancer that people don’t think about. It broke my heart that [the survey found] 10 per cent of parents move houses to reduce rental costs or sell the family home 


To read the full SMH article, follow the link below.