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Ten reasons to say thank you to Flight Centre


For 10 years, the amazing Flight Centre team has been funding the essential diagnosis support packs, designed for teenagers and young people living with cancer. The high-quality duffle bag contains essential practical items for being away from home, age-appropriate information about how to manage the complexities of living with cancer at such a young age, and items for comfort such as a warm blanket and a Redkite beanie. Thank you, Flight Centre – we couldn’t do it without you.


Support from Charity Champions like Stefan

“I have been part of the bag packs for the last few years as I love to be part of practical support for young adults that have just found out about their diagnosis. Like most of us, I have seen how life-changing a diagnosis like this can be. Packing the bags means that at least the “life admin” worries are taken care of and people can concentrate on the more important stuff.” 


– Stefan Schulzky, bag pack volunteer and charity champion, NSW



What Flight Centre's support means to young people like Ben

“I was standing in line not long after finding out I had cancer, and I was still a bit hazy – and there were all these older people – and they all look at you when you’re younger like “he shouldn’t be here”. And a lady walked up to me with the big Redkite bag and it’s my favourite bag ever – I still take it to the gym every day. I cherish my bag. So she said to me, “You must be Ben Whiteman”, and I got given this bag. They were really nice people and it eased the journey.”


– Ben Whiteman, diagnosed at age 23