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'You're not alone': Diagnosis Support Packs when young people need it most


Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be particularly daunting for young people aged 15-24. They often feel isolated in adult hospitals with few other patients their age. The Redkite Diagnosis Support Pack shows them that they are not alone.


Proudly supported by the Flight Centre Foundation, these support packs are filled with practical items and information to help lighten the load in those stressful early stages of cancer. Recently, Flight Centre's generous volunteers helped us pack a new batch of bags. Redkite CEO Jenni Seton was there to thank them personally.


Anthony and Jenni Flight Centre diagnosis support pack

"Cancer is difficult in any stage of life but it's especially tough when you’re young and just starting out with a new sense of freedom in your life. It’s really important to know there are others thinking of you."


"This bag is often the first contact families have with Redkite, so it's so powerful and important that they all receive this bag and know that we're there for them. So, thank you for volunteering today. It makes us so proud to be partnering with you."


The Flight Centre team also heard from Anthony, who was supported by Redkite through cancer treatment in his late teens. 


“I received my red duffle bag when I was first admitted to hospital. I remember vividly that I didn’t have a toothbrush and I really needed one, so I was so thankful when I saw it in the bag. There were also other essentials like a blanket and a water bottle."


“I recommenced university this year and I’m currently also volunteering with Redkite. It’s important to me to give back because I know that another kid out there is feeling better because of what I’m doing in the office. And what you’re doing here today - packing the support packs - I sincerely thank you on behalf of all the children at Redkite who will receive a pack.”


Besides volunteering their time, the Flight Centre Foundation has raised over $1 million for this program alone, which is just extraordinary. Thank you, Flight Centre for making this all possible.


If you would like to learn more about our support packs click here.


Flight Centre diagnostic support pack