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How Country Road are helping families like Kerryn's


For an incredible 10 years, Country Road has been there for families at what can be the worst moment of their lives – the day their child is diagnosed with cancer. And even after a decade of support, the team at Country Road are as passionate as ever, recently refreshing the Red Bag and creating a lovely updated teddy bear to support families facing cancer across Australia. 


When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it often comes as a shock to their family. A lot of the time, parents have rushed their child to the hospital, not imagining that they’ll need to pack a bag of items for a long-term stay. For families like Kerryn’s, the Country Road Red Bag is there from the very first day with important essential items like toiletries, information and a diary to keep track of appointments. 


“Ella was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in September 2009, aged 22 months,” Kerryn says. “Here we are, almost 10 years later, and we're still fighting the beast after 3 relapses and a bone marrow transplant.”


“We were presented with our bag on the first day we went into hospital. It was full of the most awesome resourceful things any parent would need on their first hospital stay. It quickly became our 'hospital bag' and was always packed and waiting at the front door for any unforeseen hospital visits we had to make,” Kerryn says.


But the Country Road Red Bag is about more than just the practical things. It also has games, activities and a teddy bear that has been a comforting friend to many children throughout their treatment. 


“The best thing about that bag was the gorgeous Country Road teddy bear,” Kerryn says. “That bear became Ella's best friend – her security toy. Named Charlie Bear, Charlie has been through ever single procedure that Ella has. Every operation, every chemo, every blood test – Charlie has been right there with her. Poor Charlie has endured many procedures herself – from lumbar punctures to insuflon insertions, broken limbs and picc lines. Together, Ella and Charlie have become joint warriors over the past 10 years – and it's all thanks to Country Road and Redkite.”