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Jill and Huon's story


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My name is Jill and I’d like to share with you my story about my beautiful baby boy, Huon, who was diagnosed with cancer as a newborn. If you’d like to help families like mine today, you can click here.


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When Huon was born, my husband Lindsay and I were so excited to bring him home from hospital to meet his big brother Leo, 2. For the first weeks of Huon’s life, things were good.  


Then at six-weeks-old, Huon started to have trouble breathing. He only slept for five minutes at a time and snored heavily. He was losing weight, his bowel movements were unusual, and he’d let out painful squeals. 


Four different GPs assured me Huon was a normal, unsettled newborn, and things would improve in time. But I just knew something wasn’t right. I had a pretty awful feeling.


Finally, Lindsay and I went to see a paediatrician - and it was then that our world collapsed. 


The paediatrician studied Huon’s neck and stomach, using a tape measure to check the dimensions. Then he explained that a 5cm mass in Huon’s neck appeared to be causing his breathing problems. He told us directly "This could be cancer. You need to go to hospital straight away. I’ve just phoned the hospital to let them know you’ll be coming now".


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Huon and mum Jill



Within minutes, we were on the way to hospital. 


Soon after, Huon underwent ultrasounds and x-rays. They showed a huge tumour that almost filled his entire abdomen, along with the neck tumour. Huon also had a dangerously enlarged liver, which had been pushing his spleen painfully into his groin. 


MRIs and a biopsy followed later that day. Our worst fears were confirmed soon after. Huon had neuroblastoma, a cancer that begins in the nerve tissue. 


Huon was placed in intensive care due to the risk his liver could rupture. On Thursday morning he began chemotherapy. He was so little and so sick. I was completely traumatised. I felt so alone. 


In fact, everything was moving so fast and I was in shock. My baby should have been at home in my arms – instead he was in hospital, facing the fight of his life. 


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I don't think many parents have any idea what it’s like to go through this with your baby. They just can’t, and I don’t want them to. 


I would be so grateful for your support to help every child and young person with cancer in need right now.  


Thank you,

Jill, Huon’s mum