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Chinese family - 3 generations


Facing the challenges of cancer with your children


A Chinese Carer Support Group

We know that being the parent, carer or grandparent of a child who has been diagnosed with cancer brings with it a whole range of challenges and questions.

In partnership with CanRevive (a cancer support organization for the Chinese community-based in Sydney NSW), Redkite is offering two information sessions for Chinese families who have a child (0-18 yrs) diagnosed with cancer. We invite you to attend both information sessions where you can receive some more information about how to care for your child and your family, as you go through cancer treatment. It will also be an opportunity to meet other parents having similar experiences. Some time throughout the sessions will be allocated for you to ask questions and discuss anything you want more information about.


Redkite联同更生会 (一所位于新南威尔士州悉尼,为华人社区服务的癌症支持组织) 主办,为0至18岁患癌症儿童的华人家庭提供两场资讯坊。我们诚意邀请您来参加这两场网上资讯坊,在此您能获得更多关于在癌症治疗期间如何照顾您的孩子及家庭的资讯,亦让您有机会结识其他与您有类同经历的父母。两场资讯坊中都会预留时间让您提问及讨论更多您想了解的资讯。

Information will be provided on the following topics:

Session 1 第一场

  • Identifying the services and organisations that can help you and your family
  • Family wellbeing, and managing family life throughout treatment
  • Finances during treatment – Redkite financial assistance, and accessing support from Centrelink
    处理治疗过程中的财务 — Redkite 经济援助以及Centrelink援助途径

Session 2 第二场

  • Managing stress and emotions as you progress through treatment
  • Navigating the health system, and understanding the treatment that is required for your child
  • Education, and how your child can continue education throughout treatment

The two sessions will be hosted over two weeks and will be facilitated by two Redkite social workers, Sam and Emmy, and Chinese speaking facilitator Carole Chow from CanRevive. Chinese subtitles will be provided on the PowerPoint slides.
两场资讯坊将分两周举行,由两名 Redkite 社工 Sam 和 Emmy及来自更生会能说华语的Carole Chow主持。 PPT上提供中文字幕。

If you’d rather keep your camera off or just listen, that’s okay.

This group is for you if:

  • You are Chinese, and a parent, carer, or grandparent of a child 0-18 years old who has a cancer diagnosis
    华人,并且是0-18 岁患有癌症的孩子的父母、照顾者或祖父母
  • Your child is currently receiving treatment
  • You want to learn strategies and meet other parents having similar challenges and experiences.

Information Session 1 第一场

  • Wednesday 1 December 2021
    2021年12月1日 星期三
  • 2pm – 3.30pm (AEDT)
    下午2时至3时30分 (澳大利亚东部夏令时间)
  • Online 线上举行
  • Emmy (Redkite), Sam (Redkite) and Carole (CanRevive 更生会)

Information Session 2 第二场

  • Wednesday 8 December 2021
    2021年12月8日 星期三
  • 2pm – 3.30pm (AEDT)
    下午2时至3时30分 (澳大利亚东部夏令时间)
  • Online 线上举行
  • Emmy (Redkite), Sam (Redkite) and Carole (CanRevive 更生会)

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