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Go Dry in July to help young people with cancer


go dry this July to support young people facing cancer


Go Dry in July for Redkite. You'll ensure teenagers and young adults with cancer are supported and know big things are possible.


This week, 17 teenagers and young adults will be told they have cancer. Their lives will be changed forever  and they'll face this scary journey in an adult hospital among patients twice their age. Their future will also suddenly have a big question mark – some might miss a whole year of school or uni, while others may have to deal with treatment impacts like the loss of a limb or ongoing fatigue. 


No young person should face these challenges without access to ongoing, professional support. Sadly, many are missing out. Redkite is only reaching 1 in 2 teenagers and young adults with support at diagnosis.




How your Dry July will help


$50 can help a young person apply for special consideration for their year 12 exams$100 can give counselling to a young adult when they're told they can't have kids due to cancer$300 can fund a workshop on building a resume after treatment
$400 can give a young person emotional support when they find out they can't be cured$500 can help find job placement for a young person with a disability as a result of cancer$1000 can support a young person emotionally through the hardest six months of their life


Your Dry July fundraising will give young people with cancer:

  • Someone to talk to who really understands. You'll ensure young cancer patients can pick up their phone or sit down face-to-face and talk with people who understand what they’re going through. Redkite’s caring, professional support team gives counselling to help young people adjust to cancer. They can give guidance on navigating hospitals and treatment and connect young people to trusted information while they grapple with big issues such as body image, infertility and their future after cancer.
  • Help reaching education and work dreams. No matter what their dreams are, cancer shouldn’t stop young people achieving them. You'll ensure young patients are supported by Redkite Education and Career Specialists. These specialists help young people identify their goals and build strategies to reach them. They also help with important life skills such as resume writing, and interviewing. Importantly, they understand the ongoing health and psychological impacts cancer can have. They can find young people job placements and advocate on their behalf with schools and unis to give them every opportunity to reach their dreams.

How to go Dry in July

It's easy! Sign up here. After registering, tell everyone you're giving up alcohol in July to support young people with cancer. You'll get step-by-step information, ongoing encouragement and tips on how to ask friends, family and colleagues to donate to your Dry July. Then wait for the amazing feelings to roll in – other participants have told us Dry July makes them feel great!


Emily, youth cancer survivor, Redkite Dry July Ambassador

“Suddenly I went from doing my own thing every day to having nurses and doctors around me all the time. I found giving up my independence and relying on people really hard.” – Emily, diagnosed with cancer at 24


“Redkite was there to help lessen the burden of cancer. This has made me confident that there are no challenges in my future that I cannot overcome. More importantly, there are no challenges I have to face alone.” – Adry, diagnosed with cancer at 17.

Adry, cancer survivor, Redkite Dry July Ambassador