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Chayde Tooley receives Redkite & Coles Dare to Dream Scholarship to help fulfil his dream of reaching the skies


Brisbane local Chayde Tooley is now one step closer to fulfilling his dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot following his successful application for a Redkite and Coles 2019 Dare to Dream Scholarship.



The national scholarship, an initiative of leading national cancer support charity Redkite and funded by Coles, awards up to $5000 to young Australians between 15-24 years, to pursue their education, career or life dreams which have been sidelined because of cancer.


From a young age, Chayde always had a dream of becoming a pilot, and when he was 18-years-old, he was on his way to achieving his dream.


“Three weeks out from completing my first year at university where I was studying Aviation (Flight Operations), and four months away from heading to New Zealand to begin flight training my dream of becoming a pilot was instantly dashed when I heard the words: ‘You have cancer’,” Chayde said.


Chayde, from Eight Mile Plains, was diagnosed with Cic-dux 4 Ewings Sarcoma. “I required a year of chemotherapy, 51 treatments in all and I was stripped of my Class 1 CASA Medical Certificate, which is required for commercial flying,” Chayde added.


Whilst undergoing treatment, Chayde switched to a Bachelor of Aviation Management, however, this didn’t satisfy his yearning to fly. After being in remission for two years, Chayde requested and received medical clearance from his oncologist to be able to work towards a pilot’s licence once again.


“Commercial flight training is one of the most expensive types of education in Australia. Being offered the Redkite and Coles 2019 Dare to Dream Scholarship will enable me to cover some of the out of pocket expenses associated with flight training. Now two years into remission, the scholarship gives me the strength to pursue my dream again,” Chayde said.


Now in its seventh year, the Redkite and Coles Dare to Dream Scholarship has awarded 257 scholarships for young people living with the impacts of cancer, with Coles providing nearly $600,000 in scholarship funding. This year, a record of 103 young Australians have received a financial contribution to pursue their dreams.


Jerry Farrell, Coles Queensland General Manager, said Coles was proud of its long-standing partnership with Redkite and was pleased to continue its support of the scholarship program which gives young people an opportunity to pursue their goals and take control of their future.


“We’re delighted to support inspiring young people like Akash in cities and towns across the country to help young cancer patients and survivors follow their dreams,” Mr Farrell said.


Nicole Schleicher, Redkite General Manager for National Services, said the 2019 Redkite and Coles Dare to Dream Scholarships will make a positive impact on young lives affected by cancer. 


In addition to the scholarships, Redkite has supported around 2200 families and around 3200 teenagers and young adults in 2019 through its Education and Career Support service which is also supported by Coles. 


Generous Coles team members and customers have raised more than $35 million for Redkite since the partnership began in 2013.


“I would like to thank my parents for their continual support throughout my cancer journey and for encouraging me to apply for the scholarship. I honestly could not have done it without them. I would also like to extend my gratitude to both Coles and Redkite, along with the other sponsors that allow the Dare to Dream Scholarship to run successfully,” Chayde said.


“Not only has Redkite offered this wonderful scholarship but the education initiative offered while I was having treatment was fantastic. I learned how to kitesurf and how to ride a motorbike. As a result, I will never forget how Redkite supported me during the lowest point in my life,” Chayde added.


“Every day as I work catering aircraft at Brisbane Airport, I watch countless planes take flight and my passion and drive continues to grow. If I don’t try and become a pilot, cancer will have crushed my dream and I don’t want that to be the case,” Chayde added.