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Celebrating 5 years of partnership with Coles


On 26 January 2018 we celebrate five years of incredible partnership with Coles.


Coles team members demonstrate their support for children, young people and their families facing cancer across Australia every single day. They dress up as superheroes, they whip up amazing cupcakes and they run, jog and walk in fun runs and marathons all over the country. They also enthusiastically sell donation cards, promote Coles-brand bread and encourage customers to donate their flybuys at the till. Collectively, Coles team members and customers have raised an amazing $28 million!


The Bewick Family

Redkite CEO Monique Keighery said, "The genuine commitment of Coles team members and customers has allowed us to transform the level of support available to families. Across Australia, this partnership has ensured support for families 120,000 times, ranging from counselling at the hospital bedside and financial assistance during treatment, to scholarships for young cancer patients and survivors".


And it’s families like the Bewicks who personally understand the value of the support that Coles has enabled. 


At just 19 months old, Zaria Bewick was diagnosed with leukaemia. Zaria’s parents Chantal and David were caught off-guard as they then faced over two years of intense chemotherapy and hospital stays. During this time, Chantal and David had to take periods of unpaid leave from work to be by their daughter’s side. Because of Coles, the Bewicks had access to financial support that helped them get through tough times.


“We have received wonderful support from Coles by way of food and fuel vouchers which have been a godsend to us in a time when finances were tight and we faced extra costs for Zaria’s treatment, as well as our ongoing mortgage and everyday bills”. 


Find out more about how Coles gives families facing cancer a helping hand and how you can get involved.