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Join Club Red and fly the kite for families facing cancer



Become a regular giver 

Join Club Red

Club Red is a group of generous people who are committed to supporting children, young people and families facing cancer through regular monthly donations.  


Redkite receives no government funding, so we rely on the generosity of supporters like you. Regular giving means we can plan for the future and reach our goal of supporting every child and young person with cancer in Australia.


Join Club Red today and give families facing cancer the support they need, when they need it most.


The difference you’ll make:

$30/month* can pay a family’s utility bill when the cost of cancer becomes overwhelming.
$50/month* can support a child or young person to rebuild their future after cancer.
$100/month* can pay for professional counselling throughout the cancer journey.
*based on 12 months of giving

Jordan's story

Jordan was a bright, ambitious 11-year-old when he suffered a catastrophic stroke caused by an incurable brain tumour. With great determination, Jordan re-learned how to walk and talk. He and his family then endured nine gruelling years of cancer treatment and surgery. His dad Andrew says that Redkite’s support was a ‘lifeline’, helping the whole family stay strong with counselling sessions and financial support.  Your regular support makes a world of difference for young people like Jordan and their families.  


Jordan speaking at the Redkite Corporate Quiz