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Redkite Alumni Program


The Redkite Alumni Program acknowledges the significant contributions of former Board and Regional Council members and extends their connection to Redkite beyond their term on the Board or Council.


The Alumni are valued ambassadors for Redkite who help to raise awareness in the general community about the many services Redkite provides for children and young people with cancer. Their ongoing contribution and commitment is greatly appreciated by Redkite.

Our Alumni

  • Clive Austin AM
  • Tania Baker
  • Ron Bennetts
  • James Bishop
  • Tony Collins
  • Robert Dalgleish
  • Peter Davies
  • John Durkan
  • Bunny Gardiner-Hill
  • Alan Good
  • David Gray
  • Neil Hackett
  • Roger Hamilton
  • David Hind
  • Jo Hind
  • Ron Hirsch
  • Kathy Hirschfeld
  • Shaun James
  • Lesley Koenig
  • Alison Lansley
  • Bill Lennon
  • John Levey
  • Sheila MacLennan
  • Neil Matthews
  • Mary McGowan
  • Jeff Mews
  • Dr Judith Mulholland
  • Robert Mulholland QC
  • Tony Newton
  • Hon Robert Nicholson AO
  • Dr Peter O'Regan
  • Mark Palmer
  • John Pickering
  • Jeanne Rockey AM
  • Sue Rowell
  • Rosalind Smith
  • Owain Stone
  • Kevin Watson AM
  • Professor Ross Pinkerton 
  • Mr Grant Sparks
  • Nicholas Yates
  • Gabor Hernadi