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Special family day at Taronga Zoo

Kiteman holds a snake with the help of a Taronga Zoo keeperFamilies were given the chance to feed a giraffe and hold a snake at a unique Family Day at Taronga Zoo, Sydney.

Giving families the opportunity to spend some quality time together, Dream Night enabled children of all ages and their families to meet with the zoo keepers, watch the new baby elephant Luk Chai, and watch a seal show and bird show.

Brett Kirk and Ryhce Shaw from Sydney Swans also came along to join in the fun and meet with the families.

Cameron Kerr, Director and Chief Executive of Taronga Zoo said: “Our staff were delighted and very proud to participate in the very special occasion for all the young guests and families. “It was absolutely marvelous to see the children’s faces so lit up in surprise and awe.”

It was a special, memorable day for all and Redkite would like to thank Taronga Zoo on behalf of the families that attended.

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