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Meet the team: Josie Sansone, Services Operations Support Manager

SOS_Redkite_team   Meet the Services Operations Support team - Back: Hugo and Josie, Front: Sarah and Kat 


March 2017  Meet Josie Sansone, our Services Operations Support Manager. She and her team are responsible for making sure the processing of financial assistance and education grants run smoothly - among many other tasks. 

What do you do at Redkite?

I head up the admin and operations team that supports the delivery of all our services. I work with the incredibly dedicated Kat, Hugo and Sarah. 


We look after logistics for getting all the items packed into the diagnosis support packs for young people and Red Bags for children. It's well over 1000 packs in total every year, so it's quite a production. We then make sure all the bags get out the hospitals across the country. 


We also process applications for the annual Redkite and Coles Dare to Dream scholarships. It's always amazing to read about the aspirations and plans that teenagers and young adults have.


The team is also responsible for supplying data and reporting about our services to the rest of the organisation. This might sound dull, but I love it, I am a proud data nerd! It means our management can make informed decisions about our services, and also that our Fundraising teams have the info they need to share with donors.


And of course a huge part of our work is the processing of education grants and financial assistance grants. We receive the applications, coordinate paying bills or supplying vouchers, and communicate with families and social workers about how it's going. As of this month we're advising people that their bill has been paid via SMS (rather than a letter), which is pretty exciting!


How many financial assistance applications would you process in a week?

We'd do about 140 a week. Around Christmas that goes up to about 160, 180 a week. 


How do you deal with all that pressure?

Lots of things! Mostly exercise - I am a Crossfit fanatic. We make sure to have fun here as well. We're fans of cheesy internet humour, R'n'B Fridays on the radio, and office celebrations involving snacks! And of course, when things get stressful, I think about the families who are the beneficiaries of our work. That always puts things in perspective and helps with motivation. 


What's the best thing about working at Redkite?

The job I was in previously was okay, but I didn't feel that connected to it. After my dad died from cancer, I decided to move into an area where I felt my work had real purpose. I started at Redkite as an Admin Coordinator in 2012 and it's been great to progress as the organisation has grown. I definitely feel that I'm living my values in this job. 


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