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Kite Connectors: a community of expertise

kite connectors


Families are at the heart of everything Redkite does. Kite Connectors is a community of generous people who've been personally affected by childhood or youth cancer. They draw on their experience to provide knowledge and advice in support of our service delivery, fundraising and communications work.


If you're a young person who has had a cancer diagnosis, or a parent, carer, partner, grandparent or sibling of someone who has, we'd love to hear from you. By joining Kite Connectors, you can:
  • be involved in the development of Redkite support programs and fundraising activities
  • help us identify which services should be prioritised and where we can improve
  • work with us to communicate our services to other families
  • help our stakeholders understand the cancer experience and why our services make a difference
We send a regular message to our Kite Connectors community, outlining projects and how you can help. Projects might involve: 
  • voting on ideas that could improve a Redkite service
  • providing insight into your own experience, so we can convey this to donors and partners
  • feedback on possible designs of a new information booklet
If you'd like to contribute your unique perspective to help us improve what we do, contact us at with 'Kite Connectors' in the subject line, and we'll be in touch soon.